Rem Murray Story from Anderson's Notebook

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Rem Murray Story from Anderson's Notebook

Postby NIN on Sun Mar 12, 2006 2:10 am

Sticking his neck out

It's a good thing the NHL doesn't test for Botox.

Rem Murray's career seemed to be over in 2004 when cervical dystonia caused his neck muscles to lock, leaving his chin pressed against his chest.

"I filed my [retirement] papers and collected insurance," Murray told the Edmonton Sun.

Over the summer, Botox injections to his neck began to take effect, and he was able to get back onto the ice. He was playing in the minor leagues when the Edmonton Oilers signed him.

Last weekend, Murray, 33, returned to the NHL. He plays sparingly -- he was scratched one game and played about 16 minutes over two others, with no points or shots -- but he thinks he'll be able to continue as long as he gets those shots.

"I get them every three months," he said. "It relaxes the muscles. It feels pretty good. And I've got the youngest-looking neck in the league."

That is a happy and funny story but I thought Botox paralized muscles? Guess I better get Googleing if I want any awnsers... :D <<Botox smiley vs :) <<natural smiley

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