Sean Avery provides further proof...

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Sean Avery provides further proof...

Postby netwolf on Sat Apr 08, 2006 2:06 pm

..that he is a first rate, grade A jack-ass:

Always good when a player attempts to go after someone off the ice. The best part was this exchange:

"You're the reason the league doesn't have a national television deal. You're a (terrible) announcer and you were a (terrible) player," Avery said during the exchange.

Hayward responded: "How would you know? When I played, you were in your third year of eighth grade."

TKO by Heyward. :lol:
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NHL Fourth Liner
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Postby Stoosh on Sun Apr 09, 2006 5:01 pm

Great line by Heyward. That was hysterical.

I wonder what Avery's own teammates think of him. This guy has a heightened sense of self-importance that's completely off the charts.

The funniest thing about Avery is that if he went away from the NHL for good, I don't even think Kings fans would notice.
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