Another enforcer with hockey-related brain damage?

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Another enforcer with hockey-related brain damage?

Postby JS© on Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:40 am

From an article from last year, but I don't recall this being posting and it was the first time that I've heard about it. ... ent/13935/

Oliwa was arrested in 2007 for beating his girlfriend up to the point where she had broken ribs. He later was dismissed from the Polish national hockey team, with whom he was an advisor, for beating up some of the players at a post-tournament banquet. Someone even suggested that there should be a mixed martial arts matchup between Oliwa and “World’s Strongest Man” competitor Mariusz Pudzianowski.

And from there, the trail went cold.

Until yesterday.

According to the website for American Jewelry and Loan – the people that are part of the Hardcore Pawn television series – Oliwa visited their Detroit pawn store. I’m not kidding. Oliwa got to hang out with Seth and Les Gold, and Seth even posed for pictures with Oliwa’s NHL championship ring.

But here’s a part of the article that caught my attention.

Oliwa was in town to have some tests done. The guy took it to the head a lot during his time on the ice. With ten concussions, he needs to get checked out.
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