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Re: Dish Vs DirecTV

Postby bhaw on Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:48 pm

When you get the voice prompts, say "cancel service." That short tracks you to the ones who can do decent stuff.

I called to cancel my free movie channels from when I signed up originally just last week. All I could think of to say at the prompts was "cancel a service" which was true. The girl that picked up was in retention and immediately said she was going to help me lower my bill. I said "thanks but I called to cancel the hbo, starz stuff so I don't get charged." She put me on hold. For 3 minutes, came back and said she cancelled those out and took $10 off my monthly bill for the next 6 months. I asked for nothing :lol:

She ended the call by telling me to call back in a month because they have new discounts every month. Maybe I just got a good (for me, not for the company) rep, but I literally just wanted to cancel the premium movie channels and she discounted my bill for no reason. #win

I checked online and I think I also got credit for the 2 free weeks I didn't use bc it shows a $12 credit on my bill.
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