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Playoff Coaches

Postby pens4424 on Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:07 am

Hey guys new poster here… looking at the playoffs, I cant predict who will win so I got to thinking about head coaches. I wondered how long it took a head coach to win their first SC. I looked back from 2016- 1990 and heres what I came up with and here are my thoughts.
2016- Sullivan, 3 years as head coach prior to cup
2015- JQ- 12 years prior to first cup
14- Sutter- 12 years prior to first cup
13- JQ- 12 years prior to first cup
12- Sutter- 12 years
11- Julien- 8 years
10- JQ-
09- Bylsma- .5 years
08- Babcock- 5 years
07- Carlyle- 2 years
06- Lavy- 4 years
04- Torts- 5 years
03- Burns- 13 years
02- Bowman- 6 years
01-Crawford- 3 years
00 Robinson- 5 years
99- Hitchcock- 3 years
98- Bowman- 6 years
97- Bowman- 6 years
96- Crawford- 2 years
95- Lemeire- 4 years
94- Keenan- 9 years
93- Demers- 13 years
92- Bowman- 6 years
91- Johnson- 6 years
90- Muckler- 2 years
17-26 head coaches won their first cup within 8 years of becoming a head coach ( 4 of the 17 are Bowman, 5 of the remaining 9 are JQ or Sutter)
A coach’s best chance to win a Stanley cup come within their first 8 years of being a head coach based on this data.
Looking at the coaches in the remaining playoffs;
Lavy- 15 years 1 SC
Yeo-5.5 years 0 SC
Carlyle- 12 years, 1 SC
Macllelan- 9 years 0 SC
AV- 15 years 0 SC
Boucher- 4 years 0 SC
Sully- 5 years 1 SC
Trotz- 18 years 0 SC

Just based on this above information; Trotz or AV would become the longest tenured Head Coach to win their first SC. Macllelan would be up there as well. Yeo, Boucher, Sully, Lavy, Carlyle look to have to best chance to win a cup based on the prior 20 some odd years data.

Im not saying that those 3 coach’s have zero chance to win a cup but the numbers are pretty cool when looking at head coaches.Lots of talk about analytics on this board. Just curious as to your guys thoughts on this. Thanks.
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Re: Playoff Coaches

Postby dagny on Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:12 pm

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