Let's talk hockey. 2006/07 WJC ISS Update.

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Let's talk hockey. 2006/07 WJC ISS Update.

Postby Jesse on Mon Dec 18, 2006 7:58 pm

As done by me.

It's that time of the year, folks. Season is approaching the halfway mark and I've compiled my list of the top kids to watch heading into the WJC and the seasons end. With any luck, the Penguins won't have a shot at any of them! :) It's this time of year that is make or break for a lot of these prospects.

Anyway, there are some interesting cases in this year's draft. I don't want to spam the board, and last year I did this and someone stole it and reposted it elsewhere under their name, but here's a small sample of what I compiled. My list is way longer than 5, but I don't wanna put the entire thing here.

If you want a .pdf file of this entire thing, leave your e-mail or PM me and I'll send it to you. It's a decent read, if nothing else.

I truly enjoy doing this because I really enjoy following young kids as they develop their game, eventually get drafted, and become NHL players. So, while this is a lot of research, it's all in fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Again, get ahold of me if you want the entire list.

2006-2007 NHL Entry Draft Ranking – Mid-Season/WJC Update

1. Jakub Voracek - C – Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL). 6’1 – 188lbs – Shoots L

Voracek is a smart center with a great sense of the game. He possesses a keen ability to get behind defenders and into open ice, also possesses strong vision and soft hands to create passing chances. Carries and protects the puck well. Plays a fantastic two-way game; his smooth, strong skating style allows him to jump into the play at either end of the ice. Overall, a versatile center that plays the position well and can create and finish chances. Strongest understanding of the game in this year’s draft.
- Current 2006 Statistics: 32GP – 14G – 28A – 42PTS – 14PIM

2. James Van Riemsdyk – C/LW – (U.S.A U-18). 6’3 – 191lbs. – Shoots L

Van Riemsdyk has the highest offensive upside of anyone in this year’s draft class. Extremely elusive for his size, Van Riemsdyk has fantastic hands and a plethora of raw offensive skill. A strong skater, James protects the puck very well and possesses a fast, accurate shot, yet needs work in the defensive zone. He seems to be panning out better at Left Wing than at Center. High potential to become a serious offensive threat yet needs to hone some of his raw talent. Recruited by UNH in November, 2005.
- Current 2006 Statistics: 6GP – 9G – 5A – 14PTS – 6PIM

3. Logan Couture – F – Ottawa 67’s (QMJHL). 6’1 – 188lbs. – Shoots R

A brief battle with Mononucleosis at the start of the season sidelined Couture and not only dropped his offensive production, but knocked him out of the ISS top spot in the ranking. However, recently he has begun to bring his scoring pace back to where he left off last season. Logan is too versatile of a player to discount even with a slow start. A smooth, effortless skater, Couture is a strong playmaker and a solid two-way player. Can play any forward position effectively and is strong in all facets of special-teams. Couture can receive and distribute difficult passes through traffic and has a strong saucer pass. Lack of size hampers his ability to play physical and work in traffic – needs to fill out his frame more.
-Current 2006 Statistics: 22GP – 12G – 22A – 34PTS – 12PIM

4.Nick Petrecki– D – Omaha Lancers (USHL). 6’3 – 213lbs. – Shoots L

Petrecki is an aggressive, tough, and hardworking defenseman that some argue is of NHL caliber already. Petrecki has added near 20lbs since the start of this year. He is a hard hitter that owns the corners and is difficult to work around. Extremely aggressive, Petrecki loves to hit and is physically and mentally strong. Low offensive upside, yet Petrecki does have a hard, accurate shot when used and can make the first pass out of the zone. A soft-spoken young man that has an unreal work ethic, Petrecki is a born leader who is still learning how to control his physicality.
- Current 2006 Statistics: 17GP – 1G – 2A – 3PTS – 71PIM

5. Sam Gagner – C – London Knights (OHL). 5’11 – 190lbs – Shoots R

Gagner is a smart center who is great on draws and has a keen vision of the ice, a natural playmaker. Responsible at both ends, Gagner makes his teammates better with his heads-up passing style. Gagner utilizes open ice well and can find the open man quickly. His passes are sharp and on the tape. Responsible defensively, Gagner understands his responsibilities as center and carries them out. He passes first, but has an adequate shot and will not pass up a good shooting opportunity for a pass. Needs to hone his speed a bit more, but the fast-paced OHL style has helped that facet of his game.
- Current 2006 Statistics: 29GP – 17G – 46A – 63PTS – 12PIM
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Postby Digitalgypsy66 on Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:02 pm

Nice work. If Admin wasn't so busy, I would recommend a special section for this info (re: Tomas' translations, Netwolf's camp reports).
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Postby Jesse on Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:30 pm

If Admin is up for it, I'd willingly dedicate the entire thing to him for posting.
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Postby malkin17 on Tue Dec 19, 2006 10:48 am

thanks, Jesse
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Postby Stoosh on Tue Dec 19, 2006 1:41 pm


One of these days, you, me and Spoon are roadtripping to Erie for an Otters game. We have to do this one of these weekends during the winter. The games up there are a blast even though the team sucks. Plus, they just acquired Zach Torquato from Saginaw to really jumpstart the rebuilding. They're starting to develop a little bit of a rep as a young team that starting to be a pain in the ass to play against.

Oshawa and John Tavares visit Erie on Sat. March 3.

Even better, the London Knights visit on St. Patty's Day...also a Saturday.
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