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Super Quick Wars Post Game

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Super Quick Wars Post Game

Postby Letang Is The Truth on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:01 pm

Congrats to baddies Rel and Troy for being victorious.

The only other role was canaan, the Good RP. When I was thinking about set up, I wanted to have a good RP but didn't want to have them be overwhelmingly powerful so I made a list of 25 roles that I would randomize each phase and canaan would get that role. some were silly, some were actually beneficial. looking back on it, i should have thought it out more. if the last vote ended in a tie, i dont think i would have used the bomb since the way i described it was it would be the deciding majority vote for the bomb to be activated. each role was only good for the given phase. he could choose to use it or not.

the list of roles:

Angel - Day Time
Angel 1
Angel 2
Angel 3
Angel 4
Bomb - Last Voter Dies
Chosen Person Has To Type Everything Backwards
Chosen Person Must Speak in Only Questions
Communicator - Speak with one person via PM
Kill Shot - Person you vote for automatically Dies
Necromancer 1
Necromancer 2
No Vote - You may choose one person to prevent from voting
None 1
None 2
None 3
None 4
One Less vote required for lynch
Redo previous phase (night or day)
Seer 5
Seer 6
Silence - Chosen Person will be silenced for entire phase
Tic tac toe - Chosen player must post three consecutive times on three separate occasions during day phase or will die
Your vote counts Twice

i didnt end the game after the redwill kill because a lot could have happened to allow canaan and nan to win. if rel would have voted for troy, it would have been game over. if rel didnt vote, nan would have died. it would have been one v one and troy wouldnt have had a kill. nan could have gotten vig. or in the day phase he could have gotten one of the other roles. i didnt really plan it out well lol
Letang Is The Truth
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Re: Super Quick Wars Post Game

Postby canaan on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:04 pm

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Re: Super Quick Wars Post Game

Postby redwill on Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:25 pm

Although this game showed all the hallmarks of being a disaster, it was interesting nonetheless. It just goes to show (to me) that there are no bad games. My posts may not necessarily have shown it, but I was really into this game.

I was convinced about Troy after mac died. relantel threw me, though. His posts were the longest early on and he spent a lot of time talking WIFOM stuff: so-and-so voted for so-and-so, would so-and-so do that if..., etc. That's an immediate red flag for me. But since it was relantel, I didn't think it meant much since I didn't think he'd be that obvious. lol.

So I thought maybe MWB was the other and I switched my vote to him for two reasons: 1) It was a shot in the dark, and 2) it moved the game along, which was unlikely to happen otherwise. The fact that Troy was on the MWB vote didn't bother me, since it very often happens that one baddie will vote for another. I figured I could always come back to a Troy vote. I forgot that I could be killed. :lol:

Anyway, I enjoyed the game. Thanks, LITT.
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Re: Super Quick Wars Post Game

Postby relantel on Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:58 pm

Thanks LITT.

as for rw's observation, I tried to be little different than I normally would have posted at that point. Though in hindsight, I was probably around more for the start of this game than I have in the last 3-4. But I thought for sure I would be targeted after being the clinching vote on MWB, even though he had claimed to be blue, and turned up blue. And then I thought when we killed you, since MWB had said you or me were bad, that would be a sure sign for that next day. Initially we were going to go with NAN again, but Troy convinced me to go with you yesterday am, and I said run with it.

It just goes to show you never know how it might play out in these things. Like the quick game we ran a little while ago that lasted less than 24 hours. I am sorry that I was complicit in dragging it out the whole weekend, but I knew Troy wasn't around and didn't want to get the kill in too soon.
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