For first time in 6 years, Penguins contending at break

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For first time in 6 years, Penguins contending at break

Postby Corban87 on Tue Jan 23, 2007 8:55 am

I just can't take all of this doom and gloom. This should be a fun time for us Pens fans, especially during this All-Star break.

Fellas/ladies take a step back and lets just look at the on ice issues, we have 3 players in tonights young stars game! We are in 8th place now! And we actually get to play in games that have meaning to them in the 2nd half of the year! Oh ya we also have Sidney Crosby, a gift from the heavens!!!

For all we have been through (on ice) in the past, we are slowly being rewarded, and what we have now is a golden age here in Pittsburgh, just like the article says..

Mark Recchi hasn't seen a Pittsburgh Penguins team like this since Mario Lemieux's comeback season six years ago. ... reak.0654/

I know it's hard not to look at the pink elephant in the corner of the room, but don't let this blind you to what we actually have going on here now.

This deal will be done soon enough, and like many have said before it is going to get much darker before we can see the light. Hang in there.
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