NHL Proposed Realignment (Theoretical Playoff Scenario)

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NHL Proposed Realignment (Theoretical Playoff Scenario)

Postby It'sagreatdayforhockey! on Tue Apr 03, 2012 10:32 pm

A look at how the playoffs would be headed if the proposed realignment was in effect this season (obviously schedules would be altered so points would not be the same)

Refresher on how the divisions were supposed to be aligned:

The results are not drastically different:

In the 2 East divisions
Buf in over Was
NYR plays NJ instead of Buf
Fla plays Buf instead of NJ

-The big thing in the east is that the playoff chase story line would be removed because Washington would be eliminated and the top 4 in each would already be decided. The only thing left to battle for is home ice in the Pens/Flyers series and the Fla/Ott series.

In the 2 West divisions
LA plays SJ instead of Chi
StL plays Chi instead of SJ

-A similar story line in the west. Less drama since Dallas is eliminated and Colorado is a long shot. An interesting side note would be SJ/LA/Pho fighting for who doesn't have to play Van and Nas/Det/Chi fighting for who doesn't have to play StL.


So at least for this year, no big changes to the playoff teams or early rounds. The big differences would end up happening in the later rounds. The 2nd round would potentially be lopsided since there are clearly 2 more dominant "divisions" in the realignment scenario during this year. The last two rounds were not determined, but could have seen East-West matchups in Rd. 3 with an E-E or W-W SCF.
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Re: NHL Proposed Realignment (Theoretical Playoff Scenario)

Postby no name on Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:12 pm

With the new alignment, your hardest playoff series are going to be round 1 and 2 where you face your divisional foes. And this was a big reason why Detroit said yes to this and agreed to stay in the Central division. They didn't like that first round oppenent being a west coast team and adding all that travel for a round 1 game.

Its going to add drama to the season with thoes teams beating on each other for 5 or 6 games regualr season then facing each other in the first round and second round. You got to figure when you finally play out of your confrence it should seem like a break, but playing for the right to go to the cup should bring up the excitment level.

The Tampa playoff series wasn't nearly a build up as our match up vs Philly or even the Devils you get more excited for than if you thought Ottawa or Floridia was our first round match up.
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