Jesse Jackson Weighs in

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Jesse Jackson Weighs in

Postby ExPatriatePen on Wed Apr 05, 2006 9:01 am

Does this man EVER mind his own business? ... 50342/1060

"Rev. Jesse Jackson says Major League Baseball and San Diego police failed to protect San Francisco outfielder Barry Bonds and should be trying to find out who threw a syringe at him in the Giants' opener.

"That fan should have been arrested," Jackson said. "That object could have had a needle in it. It could have hit him. The commissioner of baseball must be outspoken in protecting any players whose lives are in jeopardy, whose security is at risk."

Baseball spokesman Rich Levin, after speaking with Padres chief executive officer Sandy Alderson, said it might have been a cooking baster and not a medical device."

I seem to remember him jumping on a plane when Michael Jordons dad was murdered by two teenagers, proclaiming that the killing was another symptom of a Redneck White society who couldn't stand a successful black man, then, it was released that one of the suspects was a black youth, and Jessie caught the next plane home to Chicago, no apology, nothing.

I like Lou reeds commentary on Jesse... "Does your common ground include me too?"

Good Evening Mr.Waldheim

by Lou Reed

Good evening Mr.Waldheim

and Pontiff how are you ?

You have so much in common

in the things you do

And here comes Jesse Jackson

he talks of Common Ground

Does that Common Ground include me

or is it just a sound

A sound that shakes

Oh Jesse, you must watch the sounds you make

A sound that quakes

There are fears that still reverberate

Jesse you say Common Ground

does that include the PLO ?

What about people right here right now

who fought for you not so long ago ?

The words that flow so freely

falling dancing from your lips

I hope that you don’t cheapen them

with a racist slip

Oh Common Ground

Is Common Ground a word or just a sound

Common Ground

Remember those civil rights workers buried in the ground

If I ran for President

and once was a member of the Klan

wouldn’t you call me on it

the way I call you on Farrakhan

And Pontiff, pretty Pontiff

can anyone shake your hand ?

Or is it just that you like uniforms

and someone kissing your hand

Or is it true

The Common Ground for me includes you too

Oh is it true

The Common Ground for me includes you too

Good evening Mr.Waldheim

pontiff how are you

As you both stroll through the woods at night

I’m thinking thoughts of you

And Jesse you’re inside my thoughts

as the rhythmic words subside

My Common Ground invites you in

or do you prefer to wait outside
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