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KHL 2012/13

Postby Tomas on Thu Sep 06, 2012 4:21 pm

The season just started today (technically, yesterday, but today was the first "full day" of games). With the addition of 2 teams from the Central European Time Zone (Lion Prague, Slovan Bratislava), the league now spans 11 time zones (from Khabarovsk GMT+11 to Prague GMT+1) and over 5,400 miles. Another new team is Donetsk (the first team ever from Ukraine)

A few days ago, the league adopted new policies for the anticipated NHL strike: Each team can add 3 more players, one of them can be a foreigner. The salaries of those 3 players do not count toward the salary cup. Still, the max number of foreigners on a team game roster is 5 (I think this is just for the Russian teams. I just checked the Prague roster, and there are just 14 Czechs on it (+ 8 Slovaks, 5 Canadians, 1 Swede, 1 Russian).

In each game, any KHL team has to have the roster of 20, and 4 players between 17 and 21 years on the roster (goalies do not count).

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl won its first game after the plane crash (5:2 in Novossibirsk)

The new teams:

Prague beat Riga (in Prague) 2:1
Bratislava lost to Donetsk (in Bratislava) 2:4
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