Jagr's individual practice - 20 min. instructional video

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Jagr's individual practice - 20 min. instructional video

Postby Tomas on Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:51 am

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=37 ... =2&theater

Extremely quick translation - just to get the gist of what he's saying

Ankle weights: 2kg each (admits it "100% leads to my groin problems, but nothing can be done, without the weights I'd feel much worse")

The stick weight - he uses it before every game

The vest - 20 kg ("when I take it down, I feel I can fly, even though it may not look like that on the ice")

The first exercise: does it almost every day, it strengthens the inner muscles, repeats it 10 times, then runs it from the opposite direction, then the same again (so total of 40 small rounds - though the exhaustion on tape was just after the first 10)

The second exercise (4:43): "don't ever stop skating" ["I am so fast that I tore my ankle weight"]

The third exercise: to practice quick changes in direction - it's useful when you play near the boards. Ever since he was 15 years old, he's been practicing this for 15 minutes after each team practice. "For the forwards - notice I try to keep the puck as far away from the body as possible" (so that D-men with long sticks can't poke it away) (6:50)

4th exercise - "we call it 'brakes' " "I like blue to red the most, because start-to-stop happens in the short time periods" "I try to do it 30s - 1 minute break - 30 s - 1 minute break. I do 4, 5, in the summer sometimes 6" "It's tough, it's basically 14 'brakes', and then only 1 minute break" (8:10)

5th exercise - "a little bit more relaxing, adjusted to my game", to practice power-play situations [to the camera guy "you should show that all those shots go to the upper corner!"] (9:15)

6th exercise - the first without the 20kg vest "because now we will start exercises designed for the upper body and the shooting techniques". "We will be shooting 'pancakes'. They're 1.25 kg weights. It's terribly difficult to aim it high. In the summer, I managed to shoot it to the middle of the goal a few times. But now that we play so many games and don't practice as much, I have problems to just release it. (11:00)
Then the same from the opposite direction "It may look the same, but it isn't - you are shooting 'around your hand' - it's much more difficult." "The total number of pancake shots - 400, in the summer sometimes 500, but then I am really tired. Now during the season - 150-200. I have to say I had to reduce it a lot. It's true I felt stronger after that, but as the muscles got tired, the technique was not there. The main reason I started practicing this - I used to think it would help me with my shot. It did not, but it helped me with my technique. I feel now I feel far more secure with my dekes? - and I'd say I do it faster " (12:30)

7th exercise - pancakes again. "The main thing is to have the pancake in front of my body, not next to it. It's because the majority of the players who are not strong start shooting from behind the body. Thus the goalie knows the shot will come - and can react to it. That's why I learned how to shoot with the puck in front of my body. From the same point I do my stickhandling. So the goalie does not know that I will be shooting. And at that moment, without showing the goalie what I am about to do, the shot will be released. It does not have to be that hard, or that precise, but because it's surprising, most of the time - believe me - it will end in the net. {wide smile}" (13:50)

8th exercise. "We will practice swing-shots. Because until now I have been practicing with the pancakes, which were heavy, I was gaining strength, now I have to start practicing swing-shots. Because if I was just forcing the shots, the puck will not get anywhere. You can say everything is about the swing....Just normal pucks, I try to hit all the corners of the goal, as fast, as hard, and as precisely as possible, so that the goalie does not stand a chance. Pity none of them is here today. (14:55)

9th exercise: Volley-shots. {Slap-shots} "I have to admit, until I was 34-35, I have never known how to do volley-shots {slap-shots}. I never needed it. I was used to goalies letting my swing-shots in, dekes... Then hockey became faster , goalies became better and better... But it's an inspiration for the others - I learned this when I was 34, and I think I am pretty good at it... So, the point is to spread the legs, I bend my right leg. The lower the leg does, the harder and more precise the shot. But the point is not to tighten your hand muscles. Relax them, everything is in the legs and stomach muscles... (17:00)
When you look at the Canadian players, they are experts in this - especially Crosby who when he does slap-shots, his leg is almost on the ice, his knee is almost on the ice, and that's the reason he hits almost every puck. Because I learned it at 34, it's tough to get used to it. I have to really focus on it, have some time to prepare, and so I sometimes don't hit it during the games due to lack of time...

"That's the end of my practice. I hope it will help somebody. If not, I apologize, I did my best. The practice lasted 45 minutes. Even though it does not seem long, believe me, it's enough, because the others don't do anything. They are relaxing, and I have 45 minutes extra."

At the end of the clip, he solicited opinions, and wants to know what else people would be interested in. "There are many tricks, many details, which will turn an average player into a genius. It's important to know those details, and it's better when somebody shows it to you rather than trying to figure it on your own... How I would have appreciated to know what I know now 20 years ago. I could have been somewhere else, but I'm not blasphemous, I thank God I got the change to learn those things, and I'll be only glad if I'd be able to pass them on the others. AS you can see, I am 40 and I don't have a long time ahead of me. {laughing} Believe me if I had a little Jagr, I would not be telling this to anyone. But I got no kid - so you all are basically my children. I'll gladly share this with you "
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Re: Jagr's individual practice - 20 min. instructional video

Postby HomerPenguin on Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:19 pm

Jagr has very interesting exercises in order to maintain great play. Most important is team drill in which other players are instructed to pass pucks to Jagr at all times, and Jagr chase them, hit them with stick, if disobey. This exercise work Jagr's skating, chopping, stickwork, while teach other players proper form and systems for best success of team.

Jagr must obviously practice shooting, but must not waste valuable puck or nets, or damage ice surfaces, and so Jagr devises ingenious drill, shooting rocks at Jan in driveway. Rock is irregular shape, difficult to shoot, and Jan's frail and podvyživený body much smaller and thinner than goal. If Jagr is able to strike Jan with rock in varlata, for example, then Jagr will have no problems finding top shelf on stick side, if you understand what Jagr says to you. There was happier time when Jagr could play this game with both Jan and Kip, but then the hrdlořez Crosby destroyed Kip and left him lying on Jagr's hardwoods floors, useless for helping to refine Jagr's skills...

Excuse Jagr please. Have very emotional thoughts at this moment.

OK, Jagr is with you again. Many times Jagr is asked about exercise with weights, and this is very important. Jagr find best weight workout is to find trpaslík like Marty Straka trying to use some leg weight machine, then to lift machine over on top of his stunted body. Is excellent for shoulders, back, bicep. Chest and tricep may be exercised by throwing body of your pomocník at the head of your enemies, but must agree beforehand that your enemy will allow himself to be hit or at least attempt to catch body, or else serious injury may occur and you will be stuck with useless žínka person such as Jagr is stuck with Kip.

That is end of Jagr's practices, but it is not end of Jagr's exercises. Jagr often may exit arena to find many chuligáni await Jagr, in order to obtain illegal reparations for Jagr's frequent recreations in the herna, which Jagr feels is great amounts of hovadina but these men wish to obtain in any respect. It is in these times when Jagr is able to do exercises for fitness, as these men run after Jagr and Jagr flees from them. It is fortunate that Jagr has much better conditionings than typical chuligán, and so Jagr is able to increase fitness while also avoiding payment of reparations.

Jagr very happy to share exercise secrets with lesser individuals. This would be different if Jagr had pomocníci who were of some value, but with only bolest v zadku Jan and broken body of Kip, there is no one who can benefit from Jagr's many wisdoms. Now come and join Jagr and pass Jagr puck in all situations, and Jagr may throw weights machine at you or somethings in this way.
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Re: Jagr's individual practice - 20 min. instructional video

Postby Tomas on Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:22 pm

^^ funny stuff. Especially "bolest v zadku" ! :)

The actual facebook video (incidentally, it was shot with an iPad! ) was quite a success, and so Jagr promised he would make 2 more:
- on how to shoot, skate, keep the stability one-on-one
- on weightlifting (it will apparently feature Plekanec)

I'll post it as soon as Jagr uploads them.
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Re: Jagr's individual practice - 20 min. instructional video

Postby Tomas on Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:33 am

Jagr's practice instructional video - part 2:


5 exercises in the gym:

Leg press - he always does it for each leg separately
Leg press for outer thigh muscles
Shoulder exercise - the weights should be 7kg max, changing angles is crucial. At the end, he does the "swimming motion" until he gets fully exhausted.
Stomach and back - 5 series of 10 repetitions
Stick with the weight - different angles, different loops. Always exercise until full exhaustion.

On the ice (with his nephew Jiri http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.ph ... d=&season=):

Stability (6:00) - wide stand, lead the puck with one hand, keep yourself at least 0.5 meters from the boards (so that you can escape)

Dekes (8:30) - always keep wide stand, playing with 1 hand also important (10:30) - that's why the shoulder exercises were so important

Curves (11:15) - bend, the shoulder should be as low as possible

Shooting (12:20)
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Re: Jagr's individual practice - 20 min. instructional video

Postby Tico Rick on Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:46 pm

Tomas wrote:^^ funny stuff. Especially "bolest v zadku" ! :)

I've often wondered what Tomas thought of HomerPenguin's Jagr reports... now I know!
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