Need offensive talent for dek hockey team in Cranberry.

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Need offensive talent for dek hockey team in Cranberry.

Postby ajh2298 on Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:45 pm

Don't know if anybody would be interested but my dek hockey team in Cranberry could use a player or two with some offensive talent. My team is in the lower D division and we are 4-0 with 6 games left on the season. The problem we are having is we cant score any goals. Our defense and goaltending is pretty solid so we are good there. The cost would be $25.00 for the rest of the season and that would include the entry and ref fees. If you feel like playing just let me know. Our next game is not till Sunday the 14th at 8:00pm.

This is the rest of our schedule.

Sun April 14th @ 8PM Penalty Box Heroes vs Mustangs
Sun April 21st @ 8PM Mustangs vs Clurichauns
Fri May 3rd @ 8PM Marcellus Manglers vs Mustangs
Mon May 6th @ 8PM Mustangs vs Hope Crusaders
Sun May 12th @ 1PM Mustangs vs Tomon Funeral Home
Fri May 24th @ 8PM The Pucking Dead vs Mustangs

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