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Your Dan B. and its time to announce your starting goalie for Game 1 vs Ottawa.

Start Fleury
Start Vokoun
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Re: Your the coach w/poll

Postby Scott on Mon May 13, 2013 1:03 pm

this is a mistake they made in 2009. They played Fleury too many games in the playoff run in 2009. The Pens obviously won but Fleury was getting bombarded mentally and physically against the Capitals in that playoff year.

They brought Vokoun in. A decent goalie who they didn't bring in to watch every game and wait for an injury. Vokoun should have played game 4 not 5.
It should be atleast a 3:1 ratio and possibly a 2:1 ratio with which goalie is going to play. This would keep both goalies fresh. Something Fleury lacks is endurance it appears, both mentally and physically.

On a side note, what would everyone be saying right now if Vokoun went back to play what dump in around the boards...yes the one with the weird bounce off the board. If he goes back to play that we are in a game seven. :face:
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Re: Your the coach w/poll

Postby Pucks_and_Pols on Mon May 13, 2013 1:11 pm

I'd start MAF in game 1. He is your elite #1 cup-winning starter, who has a bad tendency to blow up on occasion in the playoffs.
When MAF is locked in and focused he is a better option than Vokoun, who is a very steady and reliable backup 1A option, but not a true #1 on a Cup caliber team.
Fleury deserves at least one more good chance to take the reins after a round 1 mulligan. I expect him to come out and give us some great performances now that he has had some time off and been directly challenged as the team's #1 goalie. He has something to prove, and I feel like he will come thru, as he has in the past in similar situations: game 6 & 7 of the 2009 finals after a terrible game 5, game 5 last year against Philly where he gave me hope the Pens just might manage to bounce back from an 0-3 deficit, and game 7 against Tampa in 2011 where he played out of his mind and almost pulled off the upset after being knocked around a few times before that game.

So I'd go MAF at least one last time here and see if he has some magic left in him. If he flounders again, don't hesitate to go to TV92 permanently for the rest of the playoffs and however far he can take us. You then trade or buyout Fleury in the offseason and try to start over again in net, which will be the scariest situation of all, if it shall it come to pass as such.
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