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Owt the GM

Postby owtahear on Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:18 pm

Okay.....if I was GMRS this would be what I would do.

G: Fleury $5 million through '14-15. Is he done here? I would certainly look for a trade, and if the return is right, I would do it. But....I wouldn't do it just to ship him out. I have been probably more critical than anyone of him over the past few years, but there is no alternative within this organEYEzation and as our friends to the east can testify, finding a good goalie is not always easy. Possibly a new goalie coach and approach is the answer.
G: Vokoun. $2 million for next year. Great backup and go to guy when needed.

D: Orpik. $3.75 Million through next year. Do nothing.......see how he plays next year.
D: Martin $5 Million through 2015. Time to make him the PP QB.
D: Eaton. Thank you for your service.
D: Despres. Time for a regular top 4 spot.
D: Engelland. $565K through next year. Good depth defenseman at that price.
D: Bortuzzo. Time for a top 6 role.
D: Niskanen. $2.3 million through next year. I would look to try and trade him. Not strong defensively, not that great offensively.
D: Murray. UFA. If he would resign for $1.75 per...maybe. But not a priority.
D: Letang. UFA in 2014...$3.5 Million. This franchise has been stockpiling young, puck moving defensemen. Well...maybe time to dip into the well. Letang is a fantastic talent, but really is not the best PP QB, and as great of a talent, it doesn't always add up to goals. You can't pay him $7MM which he will easily command if not more. This franchise has traded a #1, traded a former #1 pick, and a boat load of #2 picks. This is the opportunity to get some good young talent, forward or goalie in return. In a salary cap league, this happens. But trading Letang not just can clear cap room, but can improve the team.

Newcomers: Brian Dumolin and Scott Harrington should get long looks with Dumolin having a real shot to make the roster.

F: Dupuis. UFA. I hope we try and resign him, but he likely will be looking for 4 years. If he gets to the open market, he is gone. Someone will way overpay as Philly did with Talbot. He is probably most valuable here (he knows that) but he has also been underpaid (he also knows that) Do you pay him Kunitz money at 34 years old?
F: Kunitz $3.7 Million through next year. Valuable guy, but his contract is likely ending at the perfect time.
F: Crosby $8.7MM thru perpetuity. Trade bait material. Just kidding.
F: Neal $5MM thru 2017. 26 year old 40 goal scorer. Pretty nice contract situation.
F: Cooke: UFA. Thank you for your service.
F: Morrow. UFA. Didn't work out. Good luck.
F: Iginla. UFA. Depends on if you can resign Dupuis. If you can get Iggy for 3 years $9 million, I would do it provided he is used correctly.
F: Adams. UFA. Same contract? No brainer to resign.
F: Glass. $1.1 mill thru next year. Keep for one more year.
F. Kennedy. RFA. Kennedy. kennedy. $2 million? Too much for a 3rd-4th liner who doesn't kill penalties or play on the PP. Time to move on.
F. Vitale. $575K for next year. Decent price for a 13th forward.
F: Jokinen. $2.1 MM thru next year. Need to have expanded roll.
F: Sutter. $2.1 MM thru next year then RFA. Eligible to begin talks for extension. Be nice to sign him to a reasonable deal now.
F: Malkin. $8.7MM thru next year. Look to extend him $9.5-10MM for 8 years. Still, I would fish out feelers, but I think organEYEzation is comfortable with the 2 superstar model.
F: Jeffrey. RFA. Made $575K last year. I would tender close to that, but likely moving on.
F: Bennett: $875K thru 2016. Time for a spot along Sid or Geno's wing permanently. If Saad can play with Toews and Kane, Bennett can play top 6 here.

Tough call and potentially alot of holes to fill up front with little down at WB/S to step up. A Letang trade likely yields at least one top 6 candidate, maybe 2 if it is a high draft pick.
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Re: Owt the GM

Postby no name on Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:26 pm

The prospect of trading Letang is to great to pass up. We are facing a year where the cap will drop 5 million and we got other in house priorites to take care of. To field the best possible line up for next season we need to bring in some cost effective talent who are NHL ready players who won't cost an arm and a leg over the next few seasons.

Some guys mentioned Yakopov for Letang. I do like that idea is EDM would go for it. I could see The Rangers trying for him but no one on thier roster intrest me.
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Re: Owt the GM

Postby Factorial on Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:40 pm

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