How to Beat Teams that "Pack it In"

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Re: How to Beat Teams that "Pack it In"

Postby mikey287 on Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:53 pm

Sarcastic wrote:mikey, you be coach. go submit your application.

Thanks, but I like my hair and its current color. Plus, I'm ulcer free. I get unhealthily nervous as a fan, I can't imagine if my livelihood was on the line on national TV...I'd be like Glenn Hall, puking in a bucket before every game.

That, and I'm vastly un(der)qualified...
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Re: How to Beat Teams that "Pack it In"

Postby BurghersAndDogsSports on Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:22 pm

Im not a coach so feel free to blast me, but to continue my bragging I have been saying all season I was really
worried about our lack of offensive zone.....hmm, Ill call it pressure. It wasnt like we were run and gun, its more like
we were mentally impatient constantly and at times played right into this strategy and it finally caught up to us.

The only guy that really did much was Malkin and it was strictly because of all world talent. But his only move was to
try to create space in the middle of the ice then shoot or try a pass to Neal. It seemed to me and I could be wrong
but I posted in another thread to combat this play and the Neal sniper right wing shot that Rask just simply came a bit
further out of the net. This cut off the angle and caused them to miss shots high trying to pick corners after
spending two games shooting right into his chest. Point being even though Malkin was getting some quality
play it wasnt really doing much.

Collapsing defense and bringing the goalie out a few steps screams GET THE PUCK BEHIND THE NET.

This system can be beat, it has been beat. To be fair Boston has a bit or much more talent up front than the Rangers
and were able to get breakout goals (and awful defensive zone coverage like Iginla on the last Bruins goal
or pretty much every goal in game 2 didnt help) but we didnt do exactly what it takes to beat a collapsing dzone team.

If you go back to our last 3 wins vs. Detroit all the goals except for Malkins PP in Game 4 where off of neutral/high defensive zone
turnovers, or off of forecheck turnovers.

How many of those did we get in this series let alone round 1 or 2. It just seemed to be a recipe for disaster. Was it HCDB?
Was it the players not listening? Was it the players just not capable (Iginla, Morrow, Adams, Sutter, Cooke - just not enough
speed to consistently do it)? Not for me to decide.

But from a long time fans eyes it was obvious we were not helping ourselves out much.
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