This is getting worse! My god!

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This is getting worse! My god!

Postby Shinoix on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:11 pm

We're terrible! We have no offense, terrible defense...we suck, we're the worst team in the league.

We have so many guys dressed that would be scratches on avg NHL teams. They woudlnt even be good enough for the 4th line on avg teams.

Koltsov is terrible! Absolutely awful! Whoever thinks he's good is drunk!
When's the last time he had a scoring chance? With that speed, when's the last time he drove wide to the net, when's the last breakaway he had...hell when's the last shot on net he had? His hands are TERRIBLE!! I'm not lying when I say my hands are better, and I only play twice a week now in an NBC league. At least I can stick handle, and make and take a pass... HARD. Sure he's fast, but he uses his speed terribly. He puts himself out of position because he skates way too hard at the worst times. He's a scratch on any other team....people on here that think other teams want him have a serious drinking problem. He'll be a throw in on any trade...not the guy being traded for. 2 points in 30 games or more? No goals? Hell no shots! LOL

Endicott...enough said..slow, terrible hands, slow thinker, can't react, can't win draws, ....just bad. Once again, a scratch on any other team.

Malone...streaky beyond belief! Does this guy realize that sometime you just can't HOLD on to the puck? He never moves it fast, he thinks he can just hold it and play fancy with it....poke check, boom gone...gotta move it faster...but at least he's playing bettter lately.

Jackman...I'm seeing lately why he's been a scratch, he has total defensive responsibility breakdowns! From the red line up, I like line back, YIKES.

Cairns, Cross - Same guy! Both stink and both would be scratches on other teams...yet we insist on playing them. Cairns at least serves a bit of a purpose, but c'mon, they're both bad.

Rita - another guy that would be a scratch on any other team. A couple flashes of brilliance tonight...i'll reserve judgement on him for a while though, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Surovy has stopped playing the game he played when he was first recalled. He's not banging anymore, he's just not the same player he was.

Bogs needs to keep playing more, he's getting better. That line was actually half decent tonight. I think he could be a 3rd liner on an avg team. Nice to see him getting a chance now.

LeClair - Wow, this guy has just gotten worse every game lately. He'll definately retire after this year. He can't skate, he's constantly falling down, he doesn't shoot, he's an empty sweater lately.

Melichar - I think we should dress a roll of Charmin with a number 2 on it (no pun intended), it would be tougher and stronger than Joseph!

And why do we insist on taking the extra 2 seconds to clear a puck on the PP and then get stripped of it? We've been guilty of that SO much lately. Get the puck and FIRE IT! No, they wait, hold it for a second so that they can get set, and then it gets blocked or stolen. FIRE THE DAMN THING OUT FAST! Watch how awful we are at that, and hence the bad PK because guys are tired!

Did I mention we're the worst team in the league by far? There's very little talent on the ice....well NHL talent that is. For that, I thank you CP!

I mean, who in their right mind would have thought that we'd need a legit NHL centreman besides our 18 year old rookie? The 18 year old rookie should have been MORE than enough for the 3 other lines! I guess he thought Endicott, Pijreta, and Talbot would be better than Perreault. 2 rookies and an unproven useless european would be better than the best faceoff man in the league...I mean, anyone would think that right? Yeah , we sure couldn't use that best faceoff % in the league, or those 20 some odd goals. Did he honestly think Perreault would hurt this team and not offer anything? So he decided to just not offer him a tryout?

Or who really would have thought that we'd need some NHL D? Odelein and Poapst would fill the holes! Any brainiac knows that! And let's make our biggest FA signing someone that we totally didn't need. A defensive liability, offensive D man, when we already have 2. Great thinking there.

Notice I'm not blaiming him for Thibault or Palffy, those were kind of out of his hands. Thibault was an all star the season before and nobody thought he'd be that bad. Palffy was just bad too, way worse than anyone expected.

We need a complete revamp, this is bad! REAL bad! Even Crosby is being brought down. It's sad to watch, it really is.

Postby Mountaineer on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:18 pm

Amen!!!!!! Couldn't have said it better. The lack of talent is just pathetic. Pathetic!!!

Postby saveourpens on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:25 pm

But I thought Crosby had more talent around him than Ovechkin! :roll:
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Postby Stevens25 on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:50 pm

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Crosby retires! I just don't know what else to say about this horrible team.

Postby NIN on Thu Feb 09, 2006 12:37 am

Again I am right there with you guys on the frustration level because I really want to see these guys get rewarded for their efforts not just because I feel I deserve a win because I wasted like $200 bucks this week on hockey! Altough it would be nice.

I just don't see eye to eye with your OVERALL asessment of the players. At times they show the tendencies you posted but I think there has been notable improvement for some players in some areas. It is tough to live down labels at the elite level but some of the guys are branching out alittle.

Koltsov is never going to handle the puck at top speed and he dosent make decissions that a young player that wants to be a star makes. Koltsov is a guy who wants to be a spark plug type player and I think he can excell at that. He is at his best when moving off the baords to the slot with the puck but those chances dont happen unless there is a pick or a breakdown defensively. He just needs to keep working at it but the thing that is going to keep hurting his career is his inability to form any kind of line chemistry with his teammates. He needs to use his linemates and he is one of the young guys who is getting killed by the constant callups and shuffling.

Postby FallenHero96 on Thu Feb 09, 2006 12:42 am

We have a team full of third line players....

Just think happy thoughts until the season ends, and welcome Phil Kessel in the offseason.
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Does it matter?

Postby Twisted Wrister on Thu Feb 09, 2006 1:00 am

What else needs to be said? Does it matter? Face it, we are horrible from top to bottom. What is going to make it better. Not much until these "prospects" that we have in WBS perform like NHL players. Kessel will not solve our defensive woes, neither will Johnson. We do not have a solid core of NHL talent. Enjoy the AHL Pittsburgh Penguins
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Postby GJ on Thu Feb 09, 2006 1:26 am

Cheer up. The Blues just beat the Canucks!
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