Players and the Coach;Equally bad

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Players and the Coach;Equally bad

Postby Scott on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:52 pm

What we are witnessing right now is a combination of bad.

Bad players and bad coach.

I appreciate hard ass coaching as I can be one myself, but MT is not a good NHL coach.
System, lines, scratches, whatever you want to point at...the real point is he is not the answer for our beloved Pens.

We generate no offense. Way too predictable. The opposing D men have to be laughing all the way out of the zone.

Where is the space? The open ice that everyone else has in this league..(yes even bad teams ) are getting but we are not. You dont need talent to have some room to skate. But when you do the same thing over and over and over, it becomes really easy to defend. We make every teams defense look like HOFers.
I watch a lot of games from other teams. As I mentioned even they generate scoring chances..LEGITIMATE scoring chances against good teams, , the big difference is that they dont have finishers either.
WE dont have talent to finish either, (well I guess we dont..our guys dont get a chance to finish) we just have a horrible system, or no system at all.
I am not sure if we really even have a system, but if that is it, talent or not, no thanks.

Where other AHL teams use their farms as a priority to develop players,
MT used a system to win games.
Other farms use that time to see if a kid can produce and see if he can shine. It is ok to lose some games 6-2 if they are sending polished players to their big club. We just want to win the AHL every year.
Not saying the other clubs dont want to win, as it is a competitve game, but their main objective is talent for their big club.

Right now, the Pens need to be looking at not only players, but really and maybe first...the head coach. He has to go.

I would rather see us lose games right now 10-5. If that meant giving some of our guys chances to score and polish their game, great.
Right now, this team and players are regressing at record pace. Including Sid. If Sid were playing anywhere but Pittsburgh, he might close to the top of the scoring race. That is not the goal, but it wouldnt hurt Sidney's game development being in such a losing season.

MT has to go. Please.
This is a joke.

Boston, freaking Boston had a million odd man rushes agasint us tonight,,and maybe 2 that we had.
That is not the D-men's fault, it is the fault of our IGNORANT HEAD COACH.
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Postby NIN on Thu Feb 09, 2006 12:18 am

While I completely understand your frustration I dont share your sentiment. Fireing Therrian wont make the team any faster or more experianced. Therrian is going to get his fair shot and the players need to realize he IS NOT going away anytime soon no matter what the record or even the ticket sale effect. They have a coach they will respect either willingly or through tough love motivation tactics.

It's fine to be critical of him because I am too. Moving Roy up to Crosby's line just because he started the game out with some hop and a decent shift shows alot of desperation on his part to get the team rolling. Therrian wants wins so bad that I think it has clouded his judgement alittle. I know some of you might recal McKenna rattleing off 10 goals in 10 games but Crosby and Armstong DO NOT equal Lemieux and Kovalev.

I know you like to harp about the teams inability to finish off plays, and that is a huge concern of mine too but you need to worry about chances first. They arent getting any chances TOO finish off plays! They have to try and out work teams to generate chances but there just isnt any desire for dozens of reasons. The lack of experiance and talent makes it an uphill battle before every game starts.

My biggest criticism comes from the neutral zone play. They are just AWFUL at generating speed through it! **** AWFUL!!! I sat right on the ice (practically) for saturdays game and I saw what Whitney saw and there was nothing to pass too AT ALL. The team has to try and get the wheels going and count on that first pass to get them going IN STRIDE. Once that is accomplished (and it is easier said than done) it changes absolutely everything! The opponent has to back up alittle or over pursue in an effort to catch up and slow it down. When that occurs people get open without lossing speed. If they can get that neutral zone to open up alittle by moving the legs and taking some chances up ice it could really change their fortunes.

Having to outwork your opponent EVERYSHIFT of EVERY GAME sucks all the fun out of it. Its a game and htese are young kids trying to play hockey. Therrian has to make it alittle bit fun for them by opening the system up alittle and allow some risky but calculated breakouts!!!!

Postby netwolf on Thu Feb 09, 2006 12:25 am

Firing Therien right now (or in the off season) will do as much good as firing Edzo did. The roster is a mess. A coaching change is pointless until the roster is fixed.
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Postby Scott on Thu Feb 09, 2006 3:01 am

I don't harp about the lack of finishing. I would like to be able to harp about that. Please read again what I wrote.

I would like to be able to harp about the lack of scoring touch on this team but I can't, nobody can.
Until we have good scoring chances, we will never really know who can finish and who can't.
Yes the roster is a mess, but maybe it is better than most think.Losing 17 out of 18 is not ONLY from lack of talent. What is awful is the system or lack there of at the NHL level. This is not your grandfathers AHL team MT is coaching anymore.

It is about creating space, not just for yourself, but others on your line.Nobody is doing this. Crosby once in a blue moon will, and Colby will sometimes pull up while heading down the boards, but that is it.

Firing MT will not make these guys faster, but speed on offense right now is not the main issue. It is actually hurting these guys on offense. When they do get a step on a guy, they want to skate straight inside the goal cage and hope the puck goes in with them.
Addition by subtraction right now. There is a time to go, and a time to slow..and that is what coach needs to be working on with these guys.
Instead, we get, skate hard or you will be puking at tomorrows practice.
That bull crap works on guys in the AHL who are happy to be there...but not players who have made the show.

How about this one,, where or when did everyone on the PENS forget that it is still legal to execute a DROP PASS.? If I would see more than one drop pass from this team bi-montlhy I would celebrate.

he has scared some of these kids so bad they are terrified to make a play that might result into a mistake.

I bet MALKIN is sooooooo excited to be heading to this dump and chase, I mean dump and umm, dump and I dont know what to do next offense.
Yeah I am sure he is counting the days till the 06 training camp.
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Postby pittdave79 on Thu Feb 09, 2006 4:29 am

What the Pens have is a bunch of players with NHL skills and Junior League vision, aside from the obvious contributing players. Most of the players we have excel in the minors where their skills can get them by successfully, but when they get to the NHL where everybody has those skills, the vision becomes the overriding factor. Half the team can't play at the speed of the NHL because they can't see up the ice at the speed necessary to get by defenders or make a good pass. Too many times you see guys (usually defensemen) pass the puck straight into the trap near mid-ice. What happens? We dump the puck or turn it over. Nobody aside from Gonchar on defense has the balls to carry the puck straight up the ice find an open pass or take the shot. Look at the powerplay, they are so slow to make passes that teams jump on it and force the play to the boards. Watch a good powerplay, you'll see quick puck movement, and good passes. Again, the Pens have no vision. I'll assume this will be better next year since so many players are young and new to the NHL, but there is no excuse for guys like Melichar. Man, he just stinks.

Postby Mad City Mike on Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:44 am

netwolf wrote:Firing Therien right now (or in the off season) will do as much good as firing Edzo did. The roster is a mess. A coaching change is pointless until the roster is fixed.

And, that, my friend will be a very slow process. it is going to take a new guy years to undo the mess that Mario and CP have made.
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