Dustin Jeffrey recalled ??

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Re: Dustin Jeffrey recalled ??

Postby LeopardLetang on Fri Dec 26, 2008 3:34 pm

Bob McKenzie wrote:
Pens4Life wrote:
DelPen wrote:I would try Crosby with Cooke and Staal and see what happens.


Just change Tank and Satan spots.. Miro cant play 3rd line winger,too much defen.unresponsable :?

How about we just bench him then. Yes, he sucks that bad.

satan doesn't suck. we just need to find him a center
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Re: Dustin Jeffrey recalled ??

Postby Henry Hank on Fri Dec 26, 2008 4:19 pm

Jeffrey supposedly has been doing a very good job on the PK, which probably influenced this call-up. He could potentially be the fourth line center as early as next season. I like this call-up. I hope this means Caputi gets a look at some point too. He's been very productive as his role has increased down there.
Henry Hank
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Re: Dustin Jeffrey recalled ??

Postby Noise on Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:07 pm

What's nice is that while supposedly playing a game similar to Kennedy and Talbot, he's bigger than Kennedy and Talbot.
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Re: Dustin Jeffrey recalled ??

Postby eastonpensfan on Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:22 pm

Jeffrey is a 3/4 line center with decent faceoff skills, solid defense, and a good PKer
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