Finally, Malkin speaks!!

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Finally, Malkin speaks!!

Postby Tomas on Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:35 pm

I'll try to translate some hard-to-understand parts. Meanwhile, here is the translation by :

Evgenie MALKIN



From Los Angeles

The long-awaited call was distributed on Thursday, is equal at midday on Washington time: " Good afternoon, Glory, it Dzhej. Pi. Now Evgenie in Santa Monica, is area of Los Angeles. Please, tell, that you are measured to do, and we shall try to help you... "

All. Eureka! Evgenie Malkin who within almost whole week was searched by reporters, agents, functionaries and simply curious, at last is found. The detective is completed, and journalistic everyday lives begin. As it is usual in such cases - from a small transport thriller. Having accepted a call to midday, hour later I was already born in the Washington airport of name Dallesa to be in time on a next flight to California. There, at Pacific coast (further from Magnitogorsk also there is is no place), the solution almost waited for the largest scandal in the postSoviet hockey history.

As often happens in a life unlike novels, detective process was not so and interesting: routine work with proshchupyvaniem various outputs on Evgenie's agents while one of them has not led to result. The first electronic message from Dzhej. Pi. Berri, I have received the representative of agency firm SAA Hockey on Monday. In it there was only a promise to leave on communication. The second has come to Wednesday also - with the promise of fast phone call and news about Evgenie's site. As it was found out, during this moment Berri and Malkin sat down in the plane at the airport of Helsinki...

To Los Angeles I have arrived only to nine evenings. One more call on mobile: Berri and its partner Pet Brisson have just led Malkin to have supper in restaurant in ßá¡Ôá-¼«¡¿¬á-parkway. " Come directly there, but hardly you will manage to talk well to Evgenie, - has warned Berri. - Can present, as it is now exhausted after transatlantic flight, and the difference in time zones affects. Let's postpone the big interview for tomorrow ". I have agreed, but with a condition, that some questions to the exhausted Malkin all the same I shall set at once - that its answers have got in Saturday number "SE".

So, Los Angeles. The late evening. Ñàíòà-¼«¡¿¬á-parkway - rather well-to-do tusovochnaja street at the most ocean coast. Palm trees, certainly, where without them. Restaurant " Boa ". I come, and Berri, huge (about such at us speak - broad shoulders in shoulders) the hospitable Canadian, there and then invites me to a little table. Malkin I notice not at once and, having got accustomed, I see, that to the guy it is now valid not up to long stories: Evgenie very much struggles with a dream. Having greeted, I promise the hockey player its this evening whenever possible especially not muchit. So the first questions - to Berri.

- By the way, I wish to inform you, that while Evgenie in general many interview will not give, - the agent speaks. - we have specially chosen on one journalist from Canada, the USA and Russia. Canada telechannel TSN, the USA - newspaper Los Angeles Times represents, Russia - "Sports-express train". We give interview to you first of all because we consider what exactly the Russian public should learn as soon as possible about happened.

- It is remarkable. Then explain, by what situation at present and what Evgenie is going to do?

- We should employ lawyers to understand the documentation and other nuances. We shall make everything, that in our forces that Evgenie had absolutely the best advisers in the field of the right. A ultimate goal of this work - it is natural, game for "Pittsburgh" in this season.

- That is you yet up to the end are assured what Evgenie all the same will play NHL?

- Outside of doubt, there will be legal trials. We know, that the general director of "Magnitogorsk" Mr. Velichkin is going to bring an action, but it would happen anyhow. Contracts between NHL and Russia are not present, therefore potentially each transition is fraught with court, and especially such loud.

- Whether you are assured what this trial will win?

- I the lawyer, therefore shall not do categorical applications. The American judges in contract tjazhbah borrow the party of the worker, than the employer is more often. But in this case as the factor the Russian law so we should study all thoroughly all over again acts also.

- Recently "Metallurgist" has received Malkin's notice in writing of break of the labour contract. And Velichkin has doubted of its authenticity. Has told, in particular, that it is written by hand, and not Evgenie's by handwriting.

Berri: - the Application, certainly, has been made not by Evgenie. Under its request, we have taken advantage of services of the Russian-speaking person that Evgenie knew that signs. Evgenie prochel a paper also has signed it. Ask it.

Malkin: - I have signed, all is true.

Berri: - Well and by hand... There's nothing to be done? Alas, in that place where we were, at us was not a computer, even typewriters it (is dared).

- And where you were, if not a secret?

- In Helsinki, on some kind of a secret apartment. We were there while to Evgenie have not made the American visa. (and so it that! It turns out, hearings about Malkin's stay in Toronto have appeared pshikom. - n S.M.) On Monday we had an interview in embassy of the USA, and on Wednesday at midday we at last have received documents and have taken off for Los Angeles.

- You have told, that on a secret apartment you did not have a computer. How you then answered my electronic letters?

- Very simply - through a mobile phone with Internet connection.

- How the idea of runaway from the airport of Helsinki was born?

- Evgenie has called to me from Magnitogorsk with the request to make everything, to help it to leave an arrangement of "Metallurgist". It has told, that for a trip to Finland to it will give the passport and it will be the best chance. We have acted according to its desire.

- If resolve, I would like, that is more detailed about it Malkin has told. Evgenie, recollect, when you called Dzhej. Pi. From Magnitogorsk?

Malkin: - has for the first time called before at me negotiations with "Magnitogorsk" have begun. It has told: " for what do not sign with them the contract ", and I with it have agreed. But then so has left, that I all the same have signed the contract... In three one o'clock in the morning... And in the next morning I have called Berri and have asked, that it has helped me to leave.

- Evgenie, there are two questions. First, what for you have signed the contract if were not going to do it? And secondly, why, having signed, all the same have decided to leave a command, and at once?

- Has signed, because on me strongly pressed. I endlessly explained to them, that I wish to leave for NHL, that as to the player it is necessary for me to grow, that I promised "Pittsburgh"... But nobody wished to listen to me. They pressed with the arguments.

- And what arguments it were?

- Well, for example, they spoke that conduct any policy about NHL connected with the new contract and that they should press on Americans much. Such business. At them - a policy, and that at me, anybody from them did not interest.

- So, to three one o'clock in the morning you all the same have persuaded. Why you so have quickly changed the mind?

- If it is short, I have strongly taken offence on Velichkina. It is impossible so to act with people, it is impossible to force to sign dogovory in three nights. And in general... Understand, in that to year they promised me to release through a season. Promised! And here - a policy. It turns out, what it to hold a word it is unessential?

- You till now are offended or feelings had time to change somehow?

- It is very offended.

- Question to Dzhej. Pi. Berri. Considering told by Evgenie, whether you will demand in court of cancellation of the Magnitogorsk contract? Whether this situation under definition " rendering of psychological pressure " approaches?

Berri: - As the lawyer, I can tell with absolute confidence - for hundred percent. That is if it was in America, between the American worker and the American company, the judge would terminate this contract for two seconds. Here and to think there is nothing. But I shall repeat that I have already told in the beginning of our conversation: speech here goes not only about the American laws. So we should wait for legal examination. I see, that Evgenie already hardly keeps on legs, therefore let's postpone details up to tomorrow. Tomorrow, by the way, it will leave on an ice.

Berri was right: Malkin, by its kind, was hardly ready to continue conversation. Having photographed Evgenie, I have agreed about a meeting on Saturday in the afternoon. So the detailed story about adventures of the Russian star of hockey and that behind them stood, read in our newspaper on Monday.

Position of the clubs, ready to address in courts in occasion of not authorized,
In their opinion, departure of the Russian players in NHL - p. 6
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Postby Jim on Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:45 pm

As is it just seems like Yoda wrote the article...
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Postby skullman80 on Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:47 pm

That's tough to read.
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Postby brwi on Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:50 pm

Someone is getting paid by the word.

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Postby Corban87 on Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:52 pm

Good read.

But wow was that hard to read, I fell like I just went back to kindergarden with grammer (much strain on the eyes)

Postby Jim on Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:56 pm

I'm telling ya... just run it through your Yoda-translator and it's all good!
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Postby DelPen on Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:58 pm

Good to see Malkin was angry at the fact that they went back on their promise to allow him to play in the NHL this year. Makes Velichkin's words about integrity ring rather hollow.
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Postby Jim on Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:59 pm

Velichkin is like the person at work that complains about everything but no one listens too... because they are always complaining. Shut the F up already!
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Re: Finally, Malkin speaks!!

Postby Tico Rick on Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:04 pm

Thanks again Thomas. This article to read is interesting very. That rumor of Malkin’s stay in Toronto was “pshikomâ€￾ is funny – what a bunch of pshikom it was. Interesting also that Malkin is very offended still of Velichkin. I hope one day that Crosby will manage to talk well to Evgenie.
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Postby MrKnowNothing on Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:26 pm

TSN's version is up.

From Malkin's comments, I'm expecting him to be signed early next week, probably Monday (not this coming Monday, the next one).

Postby gregill96 on Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:31 pm

The funniest translation I've seen was babelfish translated "хоккей с шайбой" to hockey with a washer. :lol:

Postby penny lane on Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:40 pm

brwi wrote:Someone is getting paid by the word.


dave molinari moonlights in russia!
penny lane
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Postby Tomas on Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:40 pm

OK, it looks like that with some effort, the interview is understandable even with the software translation, so here are the rest of the articles from tomorrow's Sport-Express:

This one is written by Mr. Krashennikov, the Chairman of Legislation Committee of Russian Parliament. Somewhat strange article, but if I got the gist of it, it says something like:
- there is a possibility that Malkin was pressured, and if he were, that would be bad
- but based on what he learned about the case, he does not necessarily see that Malkin was pressured. Persuasion by Mr. Rashnikov (the team president) "a sincere fan of hockey and all Magnitogorsk sports" should not count as pressuring.
- the starting point should be that Malkin freely signed a contract - for a lot of money, and the one he discussed with his parents. Mr. Krashennikov, a lawyer himself, considers attempts to get out of this contract now "an abuse of the law." The contract itself, besides its labor law issues, also has its civil-law and economic aspects, all of them need to be studied and protected.
- he concludes that (a) RHF now has to help the clubs and (b) the best solution of Malkin's case would be direct agreement between Metallurg and the Pens.
Team attitudes toward 4 "problematic" players: Malkin, Taratukhin, Mikhnov, Lisin:

Velichkin on Malkin:
Interestingly, even though he still considers the resignation fax fake, now the Malkin signature on it is "similar" to the one on previous documents. However, the team can't be "certain it's his signature."

Metallurg has already filed documents with an arbitration court. THey will be demanding Malkin to be prohibited to play for any other team - in Russia or abroad. Incidentally, they also contacted American lawyers.

Mikhnov, Taratukhin situation:

Yaroslavl GM Mr. Lukin said that Taratukhin said friendly goodbye in the team, they shook hands, though they informed the player they still formally wait for him in Yaroslavl, and that they will be suing Calgary.

Same situation with Mikhnov. The team will sue Edmonton, after they sign a contract with the player (not done yet). Mikhnov promised to send Yaroslavl a copy of his Edmonton contract once it is concluded.

Both players signed contracts that run until 2007. The contracts contain an appendix stating that each of the players can be free if Yaroslavl receives monetary compensation, though the deadline for this has already passed.

Lisin situation:

Kazan GM Mr. Shavaleyev:
Lysin contract also has an out-clause provided the team receives a specific undisclosed compensation. The team hopes they will not have to sue, though they are ready to do so.
Lysin himself still practices in Russia, though plans to be in the training camp
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