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Penguins Game Schedule

Pittsburgh Penguins 2023-24 Schedule
Tuesday, October 108:00pm Chicago BlackhawksESPN / ESPN+Light Up LED BraceletL 2-40-1-0
Friday, October 137:30pm@ Washington CapitalsESPN+ / HULUW 4-01-1-0
Saturday, October 147:00pm Calgary FlamesSN-PITMagnetic ScheduleW 5-22-1-0
Wednesday, October 187:30pm@ Detroit Red WingsTNT / MAXL 3-62-2-0
Saturday, October 218:00pm@ St. Louis BluesSN-PITL 2-42-3-0
Tuesday, October 247:30pm Dallas StarsSN-PITTeam CalendarL 1-42-4-0
Thursday, October 267:00pm Colorado AvalancheSN-PITW 4-03-4-0
Saturday, October 287:00pm Ottawa SenatorsSN-PITReusable Grocery BagL 2-53-5-0
Monday, October 307:00pm Anaheim DucksSN-PITHalloween CelebrationL 3-43-6-0
Saturday, November 410:00pm@ San Jose SharksSN-PITW 10-24-6-0
Tuesday, November 710:00pm@ Anaheim DucksSN-PITW 2-05-6-0
Thursday, November 910:30pm@ Los Angeles KingsSN-PITW 4-3 OT6-6-0
Saturday, November 117:30pm Buffalo SabresSN-PITCamo Wall BannerW 4-07-6-0
Tuesday, November 147:00pm@ Columbus Blue JacketsSN-PITW 5-38-6-0
Thursday, November 167:00pm New Jersey DevilsSN-PITTrapper Hat *L 2-58-7-0
Saturday, November 187:00pm@ Carolina HurricanesSN-PITL 2-48-8-0
Sunday, November 196:00pm Vegas Golden KnightsSN-PITW 3-09-8-0
Wednesday, November 227:00pm New York RangersSN-PITL 0-19-9-0
Friday, November 246:00pm@ Buffalo SabresTNT / MAXL 2-39-10-0
Saturday, November 257:00pm Toronto Maple LeafsSN-PITW 3-210-10-0
Tuesday, November 288:00pm@ Nashville PredatorsSN-PITL 2-3 OT10-10-1
Thursday, November 307:00pm@ Tampa Bay LightningSN-PITW 4-211-10-1
Saturday, December 27:00pm Philadelphia FlyersSN-PITL 3-4 SO11-10-2
Monday, December 47:00pm@ Philadelphia FlyersSN-PITL 1-2 OT11-10-3
Wednesday, December 67:00pm@ Tampa Bay LightningSN-PITL 1-311-11-3
Friday, December 87:00pm@ Florida PanthersSN-PITL 1-311-12-3
Tuesday, December 127:00pm Arizona CoyotesSN-PITW 4-212-12-3
Wednesday, December 137:00pm@ Montreal CanadiensSN-PITW 4-3 SO13-12-3
Saturday, December 167:00pm@ Toronto Maple LeafsSN-PITL 0-713-13-3
Monday, December 187:00pm Minnesota WildSN-PITW 4-314-13-3
Thursday, December 217:00pm Carolina HurricanesSN-PITUgly Holiday Sweater NightW 2-1 SO15-13-3
Saturday, December 237:00pm@ Ottawa SenatorsSN-PITL 4-5 OT15-13-4
Wednesday, December 277:30pm@ New York IslandersSN-PITW 7-016-13-4
Saturday, December 307:00pm St. Louis BluesSN-PITW 4-217-13-4
Sunday, December 316:00pm New York IslandersSN-PITNew Year’s Eve CelebrationW 3-118-13-4
Tuesday, January 27:30pm Washington CapitalsESPN+ / HULUL 3-418-14-4
Thursday, January 47:00pm@ Boston BruinsESPNW 6-519-14-4
Saturday, January 67:00pm Buffalo SabresSN-PITSidney Crosby Bobblehead *L 1-319-15-4
Monday, January 87:00pm@ Philadelphia FlyersSN-PITW 4-120-15-4
Thursday, January 117:00pm Vancouver CanucksSN-PITMental Health Awareness GameL 3-4 OT20-15-5
Saturday, January 137:00pm@ Carolina HurricanesSN-PITL 2-3 OT20-15-6
Monday, January 156:00pm Seattle KrakenSN-PITW 3-021-15-6
Saturday, January 2010:00pm@ Vegas Golden KnightsSN-PITL 2-321-16-6
Monday, January 229:00pm@ Arizona CoyotesSN-PITL 2-521-17-6
Friday, January 267:00pm Florida PanthersSN-PITL 2-3 SO21-17-7
Saturday, January 277:00pm Montreal CanadiensSN-PITEvgeni Malkin Goal Counter Bobblehead *W 3-2 OT22-17-7
Tuesday, February 67:00pm Winnipeg JetsSN-PITBlack Hockey History GameW 3-023-17-7
Friday, February 98:00pm@ Minnesota WildSN-PITL 2-323-18-7
Saturday, February 107:00pm@ Winnipeg JetsSN-PITL 1-223-19-7
Wednesday, February 147:30pm Florida PanthersTNT / MAX / SN-PITValentine’s Day CelebrationL 2-523-20-7
Thursday, February 158:30pm@ Chicago BlackhawksSN-PITW 4-124-20-7
Sunday, February 186:00pm Los Angeles KingsSN-PITTeam YearbookL 1-224-21-7
Tuesday, February 207:00pm New York IslandersSN-PITL 4-5 OT24-21-8
Thursday, February 227:00pm Montreal CanadiensSN-PITKris Letang Bobblehead *W 4-125-21-8
Sunday, February 253:30pm Philadelphia FlyersTNT / MAXW 7-626-21-8
Tuesday, February 2710:00pm@ Vancouver CanucksSN-PITW 4-3 OT27-21-8
Thursday, February 2910:00pm@ Seattle KrakenSN-PITL 0-227-22-8
Saturday, March 210:00pm@ Calgary FlamesSN-PITL 3-427-23-8
Sunday, March 39:00pm@ Edmonton OilersSN-PITL 1-627-24-8
Tuesday, March 57:00pm Columbus Blue JacketsSN-PITW 5-328-24-8
Thursday, March 77:00pm Washington CapitalsSN-PITL 0-628-25-8
Saturday, March 93:00pm@ Boston BruinsESPN+ / ABCL 1-528-26-8
Sunday, March 101:00pm Edmonton OilersTNT / MAXHer Hockey DayL 0-428-27-8
Tuesday, March 127:00pm@ Ottawa SenatorsSN-PITL 1-2 OT28-27-9
Thursday, March 147:00pm San Jose SharksSN-PITW 6-329-27-9
Saturday, March 163:00pm New York RangersESPN+ / ABCL 4-729-28-9
Sunday, March 176:00pm Detroit Red WingsSN-PITSt. Patrick’s Day CelebrationW 6-330-28-9
Tuesday, March 197:00pm@ New Jersey DevilsSN-PITL 2-530-29-9
Friday, March 228:00pm@ Dallas StarsSN-PITL 2-430-30-9
Sunday, March 242:00pm@ Colorado AvalancheTNT / MAXL 4-5 OT30-30-10
Tuesday, March 267:00pm Carolina HurricanesSN-PITPride GameW 4-131-30-10
Thursday, March 287:00pm Columbus Blue JacketsSN-PITPatterned Shirt *W 3-232-30-10
Saturday, March 307:00pm@ Columbus Blue JacketsSN-PITL 3-4 SO32-30-11
Monday, April 17:00pm@ New York RangersSN-PITW 5-233-30-11
Tuesday, April 27:00pm@ New Jersey DevilsSN-PITW 6-334-30-11
Thursday, April 47:00pm@ Washington CapitalsSN-PITW 4-135-30-11
Saturday, April 61:00pm Tampa Bay LightningESPN+ / ABCIceburgh Plush *W 5-436-30-11
Monday, April 87:00pm@ Toronto Maple LeafsSN-PITL 2-3 OT36-30-12
Thursday, April 117:00pm Detroit Red WingsSN-PITYouth Hockey NightW 6-5 OT37-30-12
Saturday, April 138:00pm Boston BruinsESPN+ / ABC
Monday, April 157:00pm Nashville PredatorsSN-PITFan Appreciation Night
Wednesday, April 177:00pm@ New York IslandersTNT / MAX / SN-PIT
* Available to the first 10,000 fans
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