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Penguins Game Schedule

Pittsburgh Penguins 2024-25 Schedule
Wednesday, October 97:30pm New York Rangers
Thursday, October 107:00pm@ Detroit Red Wings
Saturday, October 127:00pm@ Toronto Maple Leafs
Monday, October 147:30pm@ Montreal Canadiens
Wednesday, October 167:00pm Buffalo Sabres
Friday, October 187:00pm Carolina Hurricanes
Sunday, October 203:00pm@ Winnipeg Jets
Tuesday, October 228:45pm@ Calgary Flames
Friday, October 259:00pm@ Edmonton Oilers
Saturday, October 2610:00pm@ Vancouver Canucks
Tuesday, October 297:30pm Minnesota Wild
Thursday, October 317:00pm Anaheim Ducks
Saturday, November 27:00pm Montreal Canadiens
Tuesday, November 57:30pm@ New York Islanders
Thursday, November 77:00pm@ Carolina Hurricanes
Friday, November 87:00pm@ Washington Capitals
Monday, November 117:00pm Dallas Stars
Wednesday, November 137:30pm Detroit Red Wings
Friday, November 157:00pm@ Columbus Blue Jackets
Saturday, November 167:00pm San Jose Sharks
Tuesday, November 197:00pm Tampa Bay Lightning
Friday, November 227:00pm Winnipeg Jets
Saturday, November 237:00pm Utah Hockey Club
Wednesday, November 277:30pm Vancouver Canucks
Friday, November 296:00pm@ Boston Bruins
Saturday, November 307:00pm Calgary Flames
Tuesday, December 37:00pm Florida Panthers
Friday, December 67:00pm@ New York Rangers
Saturday, December 77:00pm Toronto Maple Leafs
Tuesday, December 107:00pm Colorado Avalanche
Thursday, December 127:00pm@ Montreal Canadiens
Saturday, December 147:00pm@ Ottawa Senators
Tuesday, December 177:00pm Los Angeles Kings
Thursday, December 198:00pm@ Nashville Predators
Saturday, December 217:00pm@ New Jersey Devils
Monday, December 237:00pm Philadelphia Flyers
Saturday, December 287:30pm@ New York Islanders
Sunday, December 295:30pm New York Islanders
Tuesday, December 318:00pm@ Detroit Red Wings
Friday, January 37:00pm@ Florida Panthers
Sunday, January 56:00pm@ Carolina Hurricanes
Tuesday, January 77:00pm Columbus Blue Jackets
Thursday, January 97:00pm Edmonton Oilers
Saturday, January 114:00pm Ottawa Senators
Sunday, January 125:00pm Tampa Bay Lightning
Tuesday, January 147:00pm Seattle Kraken
Friday, January 177:00pm@ Buffalo Sabres
Saturday, January 187:00pm@ Washington Capitals
Monday, January 2010:30pm@ Los Angeles Kings
Thursday, January 2310:00pm@ Anaheim Ducks
Saturday, January 254:00pm@ Seattle Kraken
Monday, January 2710:30pm@ San Jose Sharks
Wednesday, January 299:30pm@ Utah Hockey Club
Saturday, February 17:00pm Nashville Predators
Tuesday, February 47:00pm New Jersey Devils
Friday, February 77:00pm@ New York Rangers
Saturday, February 87:00pm@ Philadelphia Flyers
Saturday, February 221:00pm Washington Capitals
Sunday, February 233:30pm New York Rangers
Tuesday, February 257:00pm@ Philadelphia Flyers
Thursday, February 277:00pm Philadelphia Flyers
Saturday, March 13:00pm Boston Bruins
Sunday, March 21:00pm Toronto Maple Leafs
Tuesday, March 49:00pm@ Colorado Avalanche
Friday, March 710:00pm@ Vegas Golden Knights
Sunday, March 93:30pm@ Minnesota Wild
Tuesday, March 117:00pm Vegas Golden Knights
Thursday, March 137:00pm St. Louis Blues
Saturday, March 153:00pm New Jersey Devils
Tuesday, March 187:00pm New York Islanders
Friday, March 217:00pm Columbus Blue Jackets
Sunday, March 236:00pm@ Florida Panthers
Tuesday, March 257:00pm@ Tampa Bay Lightning
Thursday, March 277:00pm@ Buffalo Sabres
Sunday, March 305:00pm Ottawa Senators
Thursday, April 38:00pm@ St. Louis Blues
Saturday, April 53:30pm@ Dallas Stars
Sunday, April 66:00pm@ Chicago Blackhawks
Tuesday, April 87:30pm Chicago Blackhawks
Friday, April 117:00pm@ New Jersey Devils
Sunday, April 133:30pm Boston Bruins
Thursday, April 177:00pm Washington Capitals
* Available to the first 10,000 fans
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